WHGH staff honoured for their dedication to patient care and teamwork

(Hagersville) – West Haldimand General Hospital (WHGH) recently held its annual Quality Award of Excellence ceremony to honour the remarkable dedication of its staff members. This event, which took place on December 7, 2023, at the Royal Canadian Legion in Hagersville, recognized individuals who consistently went above and beyond in providing exceptional patient care and fostering a supportive team environment.

Ian Mitchell, a valued member of West Haldimand’s maintenance team for the past five years, captured the Quality Award of Excellence. Ian was recognized for his unwavering commitment to safety, accountability, and pride in his daily work. The recipients of the Quality Award of Excellence are nominated by their colleagues.

When asked about his reaction to receiving the award, Ian expressed his gratitude, stating, “Getting acknowledged definitely makes me feel good knowing people see that I not only just come to work every day, but actually care for this facility and its name.” Ian’s dedication extends beyond his individual efforts, as he believes that every frontline staff member deserves recognition for their contributions to patient care. As he perfectly put it, “We all wear the WHGH jersey, striving to provide the best care to our community.”

(Photo left to right:  Jennifer Edwards, Director of Quality, Clinical Practice, and Infection Prevention and Control (back); Ian and Jenna Mitchell; and Todd Stepanuik, President and CEO.)

Ian’s motivation stems from his deep sense of community and compassion. He understands that a visit to the hospital can be a challenging experience for patients and their families, and he strives to offer them comfort through acts of kindness. Ian’s commitment to serving others extends beyond his role at WHGH, as he also volunteers as a firefighter, further amplifying his dedication to providing support during difficult situations.

The smallest things that we can do can go a long way to give individuals even the tiniest bit of stress relief. Being a volunteer firefighter in the community, I have seen people dealing with some of the worst situations as well, and know that a little comfort and compassion can help ease the hardest of situations. This is my community. I am born and raised 10 minutes from here. These patients are my friends and neighbours.”

West Haldimand General Hospital’s Quality Award of Excellence is presented each year to an outstanding employee or a team that shows passion and commitment to improving the quality of care, leads by example, and inspires others. The Award nominees and winners are also voted entirely by their peers.

At the awards ceremony, Jennifer Edwards, Director of Quality, Clinical Practice, and Infection Prevention and Control, emphasized, “Quality in healthcare is not just a buzzword; it represents the cornerstone of our profession. It reflects our dedication, competence, and commitment to providing the best possible care to our patients. It encompasses the rigorous standards we uphold, the continuous advancements we pursue, and the unwavering compassion we extend to those in need.”

West Haldimand General Hospital’s Food Services Team was the 2023 group recipient of the Quality Award. The Food Services Team, responsible for crafting nutritious meals for patients and dedicated staff, received the group award for their unwavering commitment to quality practice.

(Photo left to right:  Violet Gudoshava, Director of Support Services; Jennifer Edwards, Director of Quality, Clinical Practice, and Infection Prevention and Control (back); Lynne Duffy; Tina Sweika (back); Beverly Pankhurst; Karen McKellar, Manager of Support Services (back); Amy McGillis; and Tiffany Jackson.)

The Food Services Team play an essential role on the health care team at WHGH. They work diligently behind the scenes to ensure that patients and staff receive optimal nutrition for their overall well-being. Their efforts play a crucial role in the recovery and maintenance of good health for all who rely on their services. The team’s commitment to providing nutritious meals demonstrates their understanding of the vital link between diet and overall health.

“This award is an incredible honour, acknowledging the dedication and effort we pour into delivering the best possible outcomes. It’s heartwarming to know that our patients, peers, and community appreciate and benefit from our commitment. We’re delighted to continue serving our community with the same passion, ensuring they relish every meal we prepare on a daily basis.” – WHGH Food Services Team.

Todd Stepanuik, President and CEO of West Haldimand General Hospital, took the opportunity to congratulate all the nominees and recipients at the ceremony. He expressed his pride in the teamwork and dedication displayed at WHGH, reaffirming the organization’s mission to ensure access to quality health care for everyone who enters our doors.

“I would like to congratulate all of the nominees and recipients of the Quality Award of Excellence,” stated Todd Stepanuik, President and CEO. “Being acknowledged by your peers and colleagues for the exceptional work you perform daily is a cause for celebration. Our staff and physicians diligently pursue our mission which is to ensure access to quality health care for everyone who enters our doors. The remarkable teamwork and unwavering dedication that’s carried out every day at WHGH fill me with immense pride and inspiration.”

The ceremony provided an opportunity to honour a total of 26 employees for their cumulative 255 years of dedicated service. Furthermore, special recognition was given to two individuals who celebrated 20 years of employment at WHGH. The event also served as a platform to express gratitude to six retiring employees for their years of service and contributions to the hospital.