What to Bring to the Hospital


The hospital provides all your necessities with the exception of toiletries, dressing gowns and slippers. You may bring your own pyjamas or nightgowns.

Electrical devices (fans, radios or razors) will be checked by maintenance for safety.

Valuables, such as jewellery or large sums of money, should be left at home. You will need a small amount of money to buy newspapers, etc. Valuables and medications that you bring will be kept in safekeeping until you are discharged.


Television sets may be rented. Complete the order form at the nurses’ station and your television will be installed when one is available. Televisions are also available in the sunrooms.


Telephones are available in most patient rooms. Incoming calls are not permitted between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. To make a local call, dial “9" wait for the dial tone and then dial the local phone number. For long distance calls, dial “0" for assistance.


Nursing care is provided by Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses 24 hours a day. They are responsible for assessing your health needs and coordinating your care with other health care professionals. You may summon help from your nurse by ringing the call bell by your bed.