Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, West Haldimand General Hospital (WHGH) has taken proactive measures in our facilities to reduce patient traffic and create a safe and healthy environment for our patients, clients, staff, physicians and communities.

By limiting the number of people in our facilities through visitor restrictions, we are reducing the chance of COVID-19 infecting our patients, clients, staff and physicians.

Effective Wednesday, December 22, 2021, there will be NO VISITORS ALLOWED in our hospital.

Exceptions are in place for Essential Care Providers (ECPs) of eligible patients.

  • All designated Essential Care Providers are to help or participate with the patient’s care and support needs
  • All designated Essential Care Providers must monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms before each visit.
  • Active screening of patients and Essential Care Providers will take place before entering the hospital. A screener will greet you and ask you a series of COVID-19 related questions, including questions about COVID-19 symptoms and recent travel. Screeners and the questions are in place to help protect patients, staff and visitors.
  • When visiting WHGH as a patient or as an Essential Care Provider, you must answer screening questions honestly. Patients and Essential Care Providers must past screening criteria before entering WHGH.
  • All Essential Care Providers, regardless of vaccination status, visiting our inpatient units must have a Negative COVID-19 Rapid test done at screening, before being permitted to visit. A negative rapid test result does not override screening criteria. For example, if you have COVID-19 symptoms, you fail screening and can’t enter the building, regardless of a negative rapid test result.
  • Patients and Essential Care Providers will not be permitted to enter without a mask. When you come to the hospital for an appointment or to visit a loved one, you must wear a face mask. You will be provided a new face mask during the screening process and asked to wash your hands and put on this face mask before entering.
  • All ECPs visiting our inpatient units must sign a form that indicates that you will be compliant with the hospital’s guidelines

Patients will be allowed two Essential Care Providers (ECPs); however, only one ECP will be allowed at a time. Visiting hours will be available from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

All ECPs must enter through the hospital’s main entrance during day hours to have their COVID-19 Rapid Test completed. After hours, please enter through the Emergency Department entrance.

Visitor Exceptions
Palliative Care/end of life

  • TWO designated Essential Care Providers at a time, from a list of FOUR designated individuals. The hospital is to be provided with the list of designated ECPs in advance.
  • ONE additional visitor for pastoral/spiritual care for a palliative care patient at the end-of-life is permitted to visit to provide comfort to the patient, family and loved ones during this end-of-life care period.

Critical Care

  • Critical Care patients may have ONE designated Essential Care Provider at a time. The length of these visits will be determined by the unit staff based on unit activity.

Emergency Department

  • Patients in the Emergency Department who require assistance may have ONE Essential Care Provider only. No other visitors are permitted.
  • Only ONE person per pediatric patient is allowed (parent or caregiver only).

Outpatient Care:

  • Outpatient care patients are not permitted to have a visitor accompany them at this time, with some exceptions that must be approved in advance by clinic staff. These exceptions include:
    • Patients who cannot receive safe care or treatment without a family member/support person present. These include patients who are frail or elderly, live with dementia, a person who is nonverbal or severely disabled. In these cases, and at the direction of the clinical team, one family member or caregiver may be required to accompany a patient.
    • There may be circumstances where physical distancing with other patients within clinical areas will not allow for a support person to be present. In this case, staff will communicate this to the patient and their support person, and discuss options based on patient need.

Essential Care Provider (ECP)

An ECP is an active partner in care and an essential member of the health care team who can provide personalized physical, and emotional support, as deemed important by the patient.

An ESP is an individual the patient wants involved in their care and can include family members, close friends or other caregivers and are identified/designated by the patient or substitute decision-maker (SDM).

An ECP is different from a social visitor and is often a family member or close friend who has knowledge about the patient’s health history, lifestyle and personal values.

Patients will be allowed two designated Essential Care Providers; however, only one ECP will be allowed at a time. Visiting hours will be available from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.