Medical Staff

Dr. Robin Martin-Godelie
Chief of Staff

Dr. Robin Martin-Godelie is part of the shared NGH/WHGH partnership agreement and as such is currently serving as Interim Chief of Staff.  She is a local Norfolk Family Doctor with a special interest in Palliative Care. She has been an active staff member at Norfolk General Hospital since 2005. She completed her undergraduate degree and medical school at the University of Western Ontario and her family medicine residency at McMaster University. She now acts as a clinical preceptor for the Family Medicine Residency Program of McMaster University – Grand Erie Six Nations Campus.

Since coming to Simcoe in 2005, Dr. Martin-Godelie has been engaged in several positions at the hospital, including Chief of Long-term and Palliative Care, Vice President, and then Secretary-Treasurer of the medical staff executive, and the Chair of the Medical Quality Committee. She is also active with the Stedman Hospice Outreach Team, providing hospice palliative care in the community, and sits on the board of the Norfolk Haldimand Community Hospice, working towards a Center for Hospice Palliative care located in our two counties.

Dr. Martin-Godelie is a strong believer in the power of communities to support health and wellness and is committed to the ongoing quality care at West Haldimand General Hospital. She is a current resident of Port Dover with her husband and two children.