WHGH offers a state-of–the-art Digital Mammography x-ray procedure which has been proven to be effective at diagnosing abnormalities in dense breast tissue, often when abnormalities are still too small to be felt. The technologist will explain the procedure, review the medical history and answer any questions. Each breast will be compressed for only a few seconds. This should not be painful, although it can be uncomfortable. Compression is extremely important as it provides a clearer image of the breast by separating the tissue and also reduces radiation exposure. For more information about mammography click here.

For more information about the Ontario Breast Screening Program click here.

Why do I need a Mammogram?

This examination is done for two reasons:

1. Screening

  • for women who appear healthy and have no symptoms
  • 70% of women with breast cancer have no family history
  • As a woman gets older her chances of developing breast cancer increases

2. Diagnostic

  • For women who have signs or symptoms of breast disease that may include lumps in the breasts (most lumps are not cancerous), thickening of the breast, dimpling of the skin, nipple discharge, or nipple changes
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