Aboriginal Advocacy Committee

By working together, Community Health Representatives from the Six Nations of the Grand River, Staff from Brant Community Healthcare System, Hamilton Health Sciences, St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, Margaret & Charles Juravinski Cancer Centre, West Haldimand General Hospital. Norfolk General Hospital and members of the Aboriginal Health Advocacy Committee have established a program which is dedicated towards improving the health of the region's Aboriginal population.  through these partnerships we will strive to ensure the provision of high quality, comprehensive, and culturally sensitive helath care services that can meet the needs of our Aboriginal patients, their families and communities.

Community Health Representatives from Six Nations of the Grand River, have been appointed to assist Aboriginal patients and their families at all area hospital sites and act as advocates on their behalf when necessary.  Community Health Representatives will visit each hospital site once every week and are available at other times by request or on a 24 hour basis through the New Directions Group Programs and Services Supervisor.

1.  To promotoe equal access to health programs and services for Aboriginal people who reside on a      reserve or elsewhere in the community.
2. To facilitate the effective delivery of culturally sensitive health care services and programs to    Aboriginal patients.
3. To provide a liaison between the area's healthcare institutions and Aboriginal community, in order to better serve our Aboriginal clientele.

For more information on the role of the Community Health Representative or on the New Directions Group, please follow this link, or contact gforrest@sixnations.ca